You might think that different condom sizes have always existed, and that a variety of condom lengths/widths can already be purchased. Indeed, it's a common belief:

Condom Sizes

But actually, before TheyFit custom fit condoms were launched in 2011, traditional condom sizes were all very similar.

Large Condom Sizes
When you purchase a condom size marketed as XL or Large, you expect it to be significantly larger than normal. XL stands for Extra Large, after all.

Take a look at the condom sizes for some popular XL and Large condoms currently on sale. In comparison to regular sizes, most supposedly large condom sizes aren't actually that much larger when it comes to length & nominal width:

Condom SizesIndeed, there's just 1mm difference in nominal width between a Durex XL condom, and a regular condom size. The extra length between an XL condom size and a regular one is just 10mm (1cm). Notice how a regular condom is already up to 205mm long - that's more than 8 inches! And bizarrely, a Magnum XL condom can have a smaller nominal width than some regular condom sizes.

Small Condom Sizes
If you are looking for smaller condom sizes, you might try out Snug, Trim or Close Fit condoms. How much different are these condom sizes to regular condoms? Take a look:

Condom Sizes
Certainly the nominal width is a little tighter, but only by a few millimetres vs. regular condom sizes. For reference, a condom size with 49mm nominal width may still feel loose, slip or fall off entirely, if your girth (circumference) is less than approximately 4.5".

Notice that all of the smaller condom sizes are still at least 178mm long - which is more than 7 INCHES. As far as condom sizes go, 7" isn't particularly small.

Custom Fit Condom Sizes
By comparison to the supposedly Large or Small condom sizes that have previously been marketed, take a look at how different TheyFit custom fit condom sizes are:

As you can see, TheyFit condom sizes cover the full spectrum of length and nominal width requirements. If you'd like to learn more about finding the perfect condom size for your needs, simply click here.