We often receive questions about Durex Real Feel condoms and how they are going to fit & feel.

Durex Real Feel CondomsDurex Real Feel condoms are made by a company called SSL, who are now owned by another company called Reckitt Benckiser. Durex is a very popular brand of condoms in the UK and also other parts of Europe trusted by millions of people every year.

Next Generation?
Durex describe their Real Feel condoms as 'next generation' largely because they are made from a synthetic material called polyisoprene. But other non-latex condoms like Mates Skyn are also made from polyisoprene. Indeed polyisoprene and polyurethane have been used to make 'non-latex' condoms for more than 10 years.

Indeed - Durex are being sued in Australia about the similarity of Real Feel to other non-latex condoms made by a different manufacturer.

Durex Real Feel Condoms

According to the Durex Real Feel condoms website, the feeling is "all in the detail".

What are the details when it comes to the size of Durex Real Feel condoms? The stated nominal width of a Durex Real Feel condom is 56mm. In our experience, this means that it will be best suited to an erectile girth (circumference) of around 5.0-5.2 inches.


In our experience any erection with a girth less than 4.7" is likely to experience slippage if using a condom with nominal width of 56mm, while any girth greater than 5.3" is likely to experience tightness & discomfort. This is often described by men as "I can't feel anything at all", which is ironic given this is exactly what Real Feel condoms are meant to address.

Durex Real Feel condoms are 205mm (8.1") long. In our experience this means that they will be best suited to erections of length around 8". If your erection is shorter than 8", using a condom that is 8.1" long will result in excess unrolled latex bunching up at the base of your penis. You can learn about why this might cause issues here.

In comparison TheyFit custom fit condoms start at just 3" in length, rising to 9.5", with nominal widths from 41mm out as wide as 69mm. 95 unique sizes of condom ensuring the perfect fit for every guy. Why? Because feedback shows that a better fit, feels better during use. And when a condom feels better, safe sex is better.

Durex Real Feel
Is material even important?
Is the material from which a condom is made an important characteristic (allergies aside)?

Latex is a truly excellent material to make condoms with - indeed latex condoms have existed for nearly 100 years. Does changing the material that a condom is made from make them feel better? At TheyFit we remain to be convinced.

By way of analogy, if your shoe is the wrong size and feels uncomfortable when you wear it, will changing it to a different material make it feel any better? It probably won't. But adjusting the size so that it fits you correctly? It absolutely will. That's the TheyFit revolution.

Why not get fitted today and put our theory to the test? Remember - we're so confident that a better fit, feels better during sex that we offer a 100% money back guarantee with every single order.

Source: https://realfeeldurex.co.uk/durex-realfeel/ {May 2014}