My Size CondomsMy Size condoms is a brand of condom made by a German company called R&S consumer goods. They make high quality condoms used by people every year. 

We often get asked 

"are My Size condoms truly custom fitted condoms?"

The My Size condom site describes My Size condoms as:

"..your perfect sized condom.." 

so you would certainly expect them to be custom fit. So are they?

Well, according to the My Size Condom size chart, My Size condoms are available in 7 sizes. Each of the 7 has a different nominal width, between 47mm and 69mm. All of the My Size condoms are at least 160mm (6.3") long. That means that if your erection is shorter than 6.3", the My Size condom is going to have more length than you actually need.

That doesn't sound very custom fit to us.

In comparison to My Size condoms, TheyFit condoms start in lengths as short as 125mm (4.92”), rising to 240mm (9.4") - 10 different lengths in total. TheyFit condoms have nominal widths from 45mm out to 69mm - 10 different nominal widths in total. Combined, there are 66 unique TheyFit sizes vs. the 7 sizes that My Size condoms offer.

Why? Because we believe that a better fit, means better sex.

If you'd like to learn more about getting the perfect fitting condom for your needs, please click here.