We receive a lot of questions about condoms and how they fit. Here are some of the most common myths:

Latex condoms can stretch to quite extraordinary sizes, true. Often people like to use examples like "a condom can fit over my arm" or "I can stretch a condom over my head". But there is a big difference between something fitting, and fitting comfortably. The force needed to stretch latex to fit is reciprocated back onto the thing doing the stretching (the penis). Too much stretch means too much force - the condom will feel tight, and uncomfortable as a result. Much like shoes, or clothing, the better a condom fits you then the better it will feel. You can learn more about why a poor condom fit can cause problems here.

The more a latex condom has to stretch, the greater the force reciprocated back onto the penis and the tighter it will feel. When a condom fits correctly, it doesn't feel tight. It sits snugly and securely in place without impacting comfort or pleasure. And guys who complain about condom fit aren't necessarily bragging - it's just as serious an issue when the condom itself is too large. A condom that is too big can hardly "shrink to fit" so in these cases it will feel loose and slip or fall off entirely. You can learn more about why a poor condom fit can cause problems here.

Actually, before TheyFit, the variety of sizes available was extremely limited. World standards dictated that all condoms, even supposedly "small" or "close fit" ones, needed to be at least 7 inches long, for example, making them much too long for most men. Nearly all traditional condoms were 205mm long - that's 8.1"! The allowable widths were also very limited, resulting in many men finding condoms either too tight, or too loose during use. A popular "XL" condom had a nominal width just 1mm wider than its "regular" counterpart. So the idea that traditional condoms come in multiple sizes already owes more to clever marketing, than anything else.


Just think about everything else we wear. Our clothes, our shoes - even our watch-straps have several differently spaced holes to ensure they fit perfectly. Why? Because a great fit and comfort go hand in hand. When translated to condoms and safe sex, the better your condom fits, the better it will feel. If a condom fits & feels better, there's more chance guys will want to use one in the first place. Also, a growing body of scientific evidence has highlighted the correlation between poor fit and an increased chance of condom failure (slippage, or breakage). You can learn more about why a poor condom fit can cause problems here.

This is perhaps the easiest myth to dispel. Multiple studies over several decades have all identified that penises, both flaccid and erect, come in a remarkable variety of shapes and sizes. We regularly see erection lengths from 3", up to 9.5", and girths (circumferences) from 3.5" out to 7.5". In fact, it's just like any other human characteristic (height, weight, shoe size etc) - penis size varies hugely in any population of men.

Making traditional condoms 'one size fits all' meant they were quick, easy and cheap to manufacture. It also made distributing and selling them really easy too (think how much shelf space our 95 sizes would take up, for instance). But it did little for comfort or pleasure - in fact many men are put off using condoms all together, because they cannot find a condom size that fits them.

By comparison, manufacturing 95 sizes of condoms is a logistical challenge, involving new production techniques and equipment - but you'll be glad we did it. More than 9 out of 10 TheyFit users rate our condoms as better than other condoms that they have used, and 92% consider themselves more likely to use condoms in the future as a result of their custom-fit experience.

Problems with the concept of 'one size fits all' condoms have long been recognised by the scientific community. Multiple scientific studies dating back as far as 1993 have identified that 40-45% of men suffer fitting problems with traditional 'one sizes fits all' condoms not fitting them properly and as a consequence causing all manner of problems. Problems with fit may also discourage use in the first place.

You can learn more about the common myths concerning 'thin', 'extra safe', 'XL' and 'close fit' condoms by clicking here. You might be surprised...