1.      Why hasn't anyone made different sizes of condom before?
In fact the original condoms were custom fitted. But the arrival of latex in the 1900s meant cheap manufacturing relied on mass production of a single size. No one thought to change it since, not least because manufacturing 66 different sizes is a logistical nightmare. International testing standards had to be amended and we needed to invent new manufacturing techniques, for example.

2.      Are custom fit condoms really necessary?
You bet. Multiple clinical studies dating back as far as 1993 have each identified that a significant proportion of men suffer problems when it comes to finding a condom that fits them correctly. In fact, in the populations studied, 40 - 45% of men had issues with traditional one-size-fits-all condoms not fitting them correctly - being too long, too short, too tight or too loose (or a combination). This in turn caused all manner of issues for the men - things like trouble maintaining an erection, or achieving orgasm. Worst of all, a lot of the men were put off using condoms full stop, because they didn't fit correctly. The obvious solution is to make more condom sizes available.

3.      What is the #1 problem with condoms?
The number one problem with condoms is that people don’t use them. When used properly condoms work extremely well. Non-use of condoms is the major risk factor for transmission of sexually transmitted infections, far outweighing condom failure or transmission of an infectious agent through a latex barrier, both of which are statistically infrequent. Because TheyFit condoms fit better, feedback shows that they feel better during sex. When a condom feels better, a man is more likely to want to use it in the first place.

4.      Since latex stretches, why does the size of the condoms matter?  Why is custom fitting necessary?
If a latex condom has to stretch too much to fit, it will feel tight & uncomfortable. This sensation can be further exaggerated if you use a condom that is too long - the bunch up of unrolled latex at the base will act as a tourniquet (rubber band). Many men suffer a 'red ring' in the flesh of their erection, which is caused by a condom stretching too much, or being too long. In turn this dulls the sensation that is felt during sex with a condom. Our research indicates that nearly all men can tell the difference that just 2mm nominal width makes to the sensation & feeling that they experience when having sex with a condom. And for guys with smaller requirements, stretching is irrelevant - a condom can hardly shrink to fit.

5.      Haven’t condoms always just come in one size?
Not at all. For most of their existence condoms were custom fitted. Medical condoms were developed by Gabriello Fallopio in the sixteenth century to stop the spread of syphilis. For hundreds of years, until the early part of the 20th century, they were made of linen or animal gut fitted to cover individual penis sizes. The advent of the modern condom dipping line and limited store shelf space to stock condoms created the “one size fit all” condom.

6.      How are TheyFit® condoms made and tested?
TheyFit® condoms are made on high tech condom dipping lines in a very similar way to normal condoms and undergo extensive testing just like other condoms too. The TheyFit® condoms that are not very narrow and are not shorter than 7 inches meet the current adopted version of ISO 4074. The remaining condoms are tested using methodologies developed by the world’s technical experts working closely with TheyFit®.

7.     What sizes are TheyFit condoms?
TheyFit condoms vary in length from 125mm (4.92”) to 240mm (9.5"), and from 45mm to 69mm in nominal width, which allowing for the optimum amount of latex-stretch fit. Combined, there are 66 unique TheyFit sizes.

8.      Do TheyFit® condoms have a CE Mark?
Yes, TheyFit’s medical experts worked with its Notified Body to earn its CE Mark. The CE Mark allows TheyFit® to sell its condoms to the 28 member states of the EU.

9.     Why should I buy my condoms online?
What have your experiences of buying condoms face to face in a store been like? For most people it’s a fairly embarrassing experience at best, and a downright stressful, palpitation-inducing one at worst. Buying TheyFit® condoms online is stress-free. You can do it at a time convenient to you, privately and without any need to rush. Most of our customers buy several packs at once for added convenience and to benefit from our multipack offers.

10.     How are my condoms delivered?
The condoms are delivered safely, securely and in a plain package with no indication that condoms are inside or that the sender is TheyFit®. Your credit card will be billed by GLOBALPRO.

11.     What is the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?
Quite simply TheyFit® will refund your money if you are not completely satisfied. More details are available here.

12.     Why are TheyFit condoms expensive?
They aren’t. A sixpack of most name brand name mass-produced condoms costs around £6.00. The average cost per condom from a vending machine is nearly £1.50. The premium brands of harder to produce non-latex condoms costs around £10.00 for a sixpack. Once you find your TheyFit® size, you can buy a larger quantity of custom fit TheyFit® condoms for less than the price of a mass produced condom. TheyFits multipack deals can take the price per condom below 60p per condom.

13.     Don't various sizes already exist?
Actually the range of sizes available from other manufacturers is very limited. Clever marketing of ‘slim’ and ‘XL’ accounts for this perception, but in reality these condoms are little different from standard. A condom branded “XL” by one of the most popular manufacturers surprisingly has a nominal width only 1-3mm wider than their normal sized condom. A "small" condom made by another is still 7 inches long.

14.     Penises are all the same size when erect, it is just myth that they differ?
Multiple medical studies have proven that penises come in a remarkable range of lengths and widths - there is also only a vague correlation between flaccid size and erection size. Here are some Wikipedia graphs showing the variance in lengths and widths when it comes to erections. Typically we witness erections each week that vary in length from 3" to 9", and circumference (girth) from 3.2" to 7.2".

15.     How do I know if my FitKit™ printed correctly?
It is important that your FitKit™ prints correctly as otherwise you may not get the best fitting TheyFit® condom. Always perform the simple calibration check after printing, by taking any generic credit or debit card and comparing it to the pattern on the FitKit™.

16.     My FitKit™ has not printed correctly – what should I do?
99% of printing issues are solved by disabling Page Scaling, a transformation that some printers do automatically. Fortunately it is very easy to disable this option. When you select Print in Adobe® Acrobat® Reader, Page Scaling is usually shown as an option – simply select None and then continue printing as normal. For some printers, the Page Scaling option is contained in the Properties or Advanced tab of this first Print menu – again simply select None and then print as normal. Alternatively you might want to consider using our mm-measurement fitting service instead - the results will be the same as using a FitKit, without any printing necessary.

17.     Are TheyFit® condoms lubricated?
TheyFit® condoms are lubricated with a silicone-based lubricant. If you need additional lubrication, make sure to use a latex-compatible lubricant. This is often identified on water-based or silicone-based products. DO NOT USE OIL-BASED LUBRICANTS such as those made with petroleum jelly e.g. Vaseline®, mineral oil, vegetable oil or cold cream, as these may damage the condom.

18.     Why don't you ship to my country?
The list of countries we can ship to is growing - please make sure to check the latest list.

19.     Will my size be printed on the condom box?
The size code is a sticker on the box which you can remove if you prefer. All boxes and foils look identical. We understand that your size is personal to you and rest assured the only person who will know what size condom you are using is you.

20.    Do TheyFit offer a latex-free range?
Currently all TheyFit condoms contain latex. We are working hard on a latex-free range and will update you as soon as possible.


If you have another question that isn't listed, simply contact us and we'll be more than happy to answer it.