We've supplied thousands of FitKits to people from all over the world. Here are some fun tips we picked up along the way about getting the best measurement from yours:

  • Get hard! 
    This sounds obvious but you'd be surprised how many guys use their FitKit while not fully aroused. This could lead to the choice of condom being a little too tight, and tight is bad when it comes to putting things on your penis. How about asking your partner to help with your fitting?
  • Gently does it! 
    When measuring your circumference (the "wrap around" step) don't wrap too tightly. You're aiming for an accurate but comfortable measurement so hold the FitKit gently in place. Remember, TheyFit automatically engineer in an element of 'snugness' to make sure your choice of size stays securely in place.
  • Blessed with a large foreskin? 
    Add a letter to your length code to ensure you get extra length in your condom fitting e.g. length code 'E' becomes 'B', 'B' becomes 'S', and so on - more details here.
  • Concerned about tightness? 
    Choose the next number higher than your measurement to get a fit that's a little looser e.g. width code 55 becomes 66, 66 becomes 77 and so on - more details here.
  • Close to a line?
    If you're close to one of the measurement lines then just select the longer or looser code.
  • Non-cylindrical? 
    Most guys are a pretty uniform circumference along their length so doing the wrap around measurement once in the middle gives an accurate width code. If you're not like this then feel free to take multiple measurements along your length and use the average.

Above all don't worry about getting the wrong fit. Most of our customers get the perfect fit first time, for the rest all that is needed is a small adjustment and we are here to help with that. We even offer 50% off if you have to adjust your size.