"In the absence of innovation, marketing gimmicks flourish" - Joe Nelson, TheyFit

TheyFit. No gimmicks. Just common sense.

Make a shoe out of the finest Italian leather, use an air-cushioned sole and add some pretty laces. But if the shoe doesn't fit, you won't enjoy wearing it.

It's exactly the same with condoms. Dots, ribs, flared tips. Numbing gels. Flavours. Colours. All these 'innovations' count for precisely nothing if the condom doesn't fit you correctly.

"But latex stretches!" comes the cry from the back. That it does - in fact latex can stretch to 700% it's original size. But that won't be comfortable. Take an elastic band and stretch it around your wrist - 30 seconds later you'll feel the tightness and see the red mark. That's just your wrist - imagine what stretched latex is doing on your penis! And tell me, can latex shrink to fit the smaller gentleman?

Condoms came in one size because it made them easy to manufacture. It also made them easy to sell - imagine trying to stock TheyFit's 95 sizes on a shelf at the local store, or in a vending machine. But go back less than 100 years and you'll find that condoms (then made from animals) weren't one size, they were custom fitted to each man.

Make a condom fit and it will be comfortable to wear. Make it comfortable to wear and you will enjoy wearing it. Fit = comfort, comfort = pleasure. Yes, it really is that simple. Leave the science and the manufacturing headaches to us to solve. Making something pleasurable is the best way to get people using it - no need for snazzy packaging or "EXTRA LARGE" ego boosters.

Farewell to marketing gimmicks. Viva la revolution!