It's a really common question, and given most sex-ed classes tell guys that condoms are "one size fits all", no wonder so many men want to know the answer.

How did you find the right size of shoe? You had to measure your feet.

How about your shirt? You had to measure your neck and chest.

By measuring up first, you were able to find shoes and shirts that were really comfortable to wear, right?

Exactly! To get the perfect size of condom, simply measure your erection. It really is that simple.

We guarantee that we can get you the perfect fitting condom, or we'll give you £10. Guarantee? Yes - if you're not completely blown away by your TheyFit experience, we'll give you all of your money back, plus another £10. Are we crazy? Maybe. But we also know that our custom-fit condoms are the best fitting condoms in the whole world...

Step 1 : Measuring Up

Two measurements are necessary to get the perfect fitting condom - length, and circumference (also called girth):

Length is important to make sure the condom covers the whole of your shaft. If the condom is too long, it's going to bunch up at the base, which looks odd and can act like a tourniquet (rubber band) causing tightness. On the other hand, if the condom is too short then it's not going to cover you fully, and may be pulled off during sex. That's clearly not a good thing either.

Circumference is important to make sure the condom stays securely in place during sex, while still being comfortable. If you try to use a condom with a circumference that is too small, the latex is going to have to stretch too much to fit you. That will lead to a feeling of tightness, which in turn may cause you to lose your erection, or have difficulty reaching orgasm (most guys report not being able to feel anything during sex - this is caused by the tightness). On the other hand, if the circumference of the condom you tried to use was too big, then the condom will be loose and could slip, or fall off entirely. That's bad too!

Step 2 : Try TWO custom fit condoms

1. Measure up as per step 1 (easy instructions here)

2. Choose which Sample Pack you'd like to receive here

It's as simple as that. TWO custom fit condoms will be sent to you to try out.

(Please note non-UK orders may require a shipping charge)

Did you know? 
You've taken the biggest step to getting the perfect condom for your needs simply by searching for, and visiting this page today. Multiple scientific studies dating as far back as 1993 have all identified that between 40-45% of men have problems finding a condom that fits. Problems like the condom slipping, or falling off. Problems like a condom feeling tight, or uncomfortable, or stopping you being able to orgasm.

We have the solution that you need - and that's a guarantee.

That's right - we're so confident that you'll love our new custom fit condoms that we offer a 110% satisfaction guarantee to every customer who reaches us from Google search. 110%? Yes - if you're not completely happy, we'll refund the entire cost of your purchase, plus another £10. It applies to our whole range - small condoms, large condoms and medium-sized ones.

We're the only condom brand that can offer such a satisfaction guarantee, because we're the only condom brand that make custom-fit condoms.

But we don't find many people ask for their money back:

  • 92% rate their TheyFit condoms as better than other condoms.
  • 95% would recommend TheyFit condoms to their friends.
  • 91% consider themselves more likely to use condoms after their TheyFit experience.

At TheyFit, we believe that the better your condom fits, the better it will feel. In fact, we believe that achieving the perfect fit is CRITICAL to getting the best condom. TheyFit makes condoms in an unprecedented 66 different sizes. Large condoms, small condoms, medium condoms - we make them all!

We're the only condom company in the world to offer a satisfaction guarantee, because we're the only condom company in the world that makes custom fit condoms. We know our product rocks, and we know you're going to love using it.

Revolutionary thinking - only from TheyFit.

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