It's really easy to measure yourself and find which TheyFit size you need to use - and fun! Most important of all, make sure you have a firm erection. Lots of guys find it helpful to ask their partner to do the measuring for them, or do so while watching pornography.

Take a strip of paper and make the following marks against it with a pen or pencil. Simply measure your marks against a normal ruler:

Measuring Your Length:                           








Measure your length as you would like the condom to sit on your erection. Most guys measure along the top-side of their erection, from the pubic hair to the very tip (helmet).


Measuring Your Circumference (girth):





It's important to get an accurate circumference measurement to make your condom fitting comfortable. Wrap the paper strip gently, not tightly, around your firm erection. It's best to measure either in the middle of your shaft or where you think you are the thickest. If you prefer, take several measurements along your shaft and calculate the average.

Once you have your measurements, please click here to find your perfect size of condom.