Every so often an old story from 2006 pops back up and we get a whole load of emails with questions about its accuracy. The story in question looked at a study of 1,000 men in India and concluded that condoms "made to international specifications" were too large for the majority of them.

The study is correct.


Condoms "made to international specifications" are too big for the majority of men full stop - not just Indian men.

The specification in question (an ISO document) calls for all condoms sold internationally, include the US and Europe, to be at least 170mm in length - about 6.8 inches. In fact, most condoms sold in these regions are 205mm (8.1") long.

But the average erection length of a fully grown adult male is approximately 5.5 inches. This average erection length holds true, give or take 1/5th of an inch, regardless of the country you gather data from.

So yes, condoms made to international specifications are indeed too big for most men in India. But the same holds true for most men anywhere in the world!