Do you find our concept exciting? Are you keen to promote our revolution and be part of something really special? Then join TheyFit today!

UK Brand Ambassadors
TheyFit is actively seeking enthusiastic socialites to promote our revolutionary concept. Maybe you're a student? Maybe you own a bar? Maybe you just like going out and talking to people! How does hard cash for every new recruit converted to the custom fit revolution sound? We'll provide information leaflets, FitKits and of course free samples. Find out more here.

Disgruntled Journalists
Are you a journalist? Are you sick and tired of being hounded by faceless PR hacks with 'the next big thing'? At TheyFit we don't have a PR agency (not least because we can't afford one). Why not speak to us directly for the inside scoop on the biggest revolution in safe sex for the last 100 years? We'll provide generous affiliation links that pay YOU directly in return for your (hopefully kind) words.

Creative Minds
Think you have what it takes to promote TheyFit? Perhaps you have the beginnings of an idea for the next big viral video featuring our FitGirls? If you can impress us with your creativity, then we'll make sure you get rewarded. Videographers, photographers, marketeers - apply within.

European Distributors
TheyFit is currently looking for exclusive distribution partners in the following countries: France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Netherlands, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. 

Think you have what it takes? Get in touch. Good luck!