WHAT: New penis survey reveals the lengths men go to!

Theyfit condoms reveal the largest, most accurate penis size survey data ever gathered.  An anonymous sample of over 20,000 men shows that the UK ‘normal’ is not 6 inches – it is nearly a whole inch less! And whilst length is commonly the ‘measure of a man’, girth should not be overlooked as the survey reveals a staggering 4 inches difference when it comes to the circumference of the smallest and largest.

Stoke on Trent is where the men with the largest penises hang out
Northerners wear the Willy Crown! Southerners not necessarily soft just smaller
Average length is 5.1”, average circumference is 4.7”
London males do not feature in the UK’s Top Ten!

The men of Stoke on Trent are revealed as being those that, on average, order the largest condoms from the company’s web store, which stocks a remarkable 95 different sizes of prophylactic – ranging in length from 3” up to 9.5”, and widths that fit girths of 3.5” up to 7.5”.

TheyFit’s size database was compiled by converting its unique "FitKit" measurements into metric sizes. The FitKit provides each user with a randomised size code such as M17 or S77, so it’s not immediately obvious if someone needs a large or small condom.

Joe Nelson, founder of Theyfit comments, “Our anonymised data represents the most accurate survey of penis sizes ever collected. Previous studies have relied on self-reported measurements from men, leading to an issue of ‘size exaggeration’. But men buying our condoms are much less likely to do this for 2 reasons – firstly because they are parting with money for a custom fit condom and secondly because of our patented randomised size code system (rather than labels like small, medium and large), there’s simply less focus on whether someone is bigger or smaller – it’s all about getting a custom fit.”


Highlights from TheyFit’s penis dataset:

Notes to editors

The problem of fit with standard condoms has long been recognised – a study published in the Lancet in 1993 called for more condom sizes. More recently, a study in 2010 reported 45% of men complaining that their condoms did not fit, while in December 2012 a study found a link between poor fit and reduced likelihood of condom use amongst gay men. TheyFit condoms are revolutionary custom fit condoms available in an unprecedented 95 different sizes. Men measure themselves with the patented FitKit®, available for free at to discover their unique custom fit fitting code which will give them the optimum fitting condom. Condoms are then ordered from and delivered for free. 

For further information, contact Joe Nelson directly by emailing or contact the Press Office:

T: +44 1633 530060
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About TheyFit

TheyFit® recognise that a better fit, means better sex.

TheyFit® condoms are a revolutionary new range of custom fit condoms available in an unprecedented 95 different sizes to ensure the perfect fit for every man. 

Launched in December 2011 TheyFit® condoms have revolutionised the concept of sheath contraceptives by recognising for the first time the importance of a comfortable fit when using a condom. Problems with the fit of current ‘one size fits all’ condoms have long been recognised; a 2010 study reported 45% of men complaining that their condoms did not fit. A badly fitting condom will be uncomfortable and discourage use, but in the worse case a condom that is too big may slip off as a result. A condom that is too small and therefore too tight is more likely to be removed by the user during intercourse than a condom that fits comfortably.

The much lauded product has been described as “perfect” by GQ Magazine while Men’s Health remark that “once you’ve been custom-suited an off-the-rack condom feels like punishment”.

TheyFit® is leading efforts to modernize international regulations by working with medical researchers, manufacturers, standards organizations, and non-governmental organizations to enable a great range of condoms sizes to be available to all men.

TheyFit® condoms are pre-lubricated, colourless and odourless. The condoms meet the strict safety requirements of the CE mark and the state of the art manufacturing facility produces over one billion high quality condoms every year.

All TheyFit® custom fit condoms come with a 101% satisfaction guarantee. Any customer not completely happy with their purchase can contact the company to receive a full refund, plus an additional £1.

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