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Press Reviews & Comments
A selection of TheyFit® custom fit condom reviews from the press:

"Once you've been custom-suited, an off-the-rack condom feels like punishment"— Men's Health 

 "Try the awesome TheyFit service.. (who) provide custom-made rubbers tailored to stay on without strangling you" - Men's Fitness

“Custom fit is key for a variety of reasons, chiefly comfort. If you’re not wearing something that feels like a tourniquet, you’re more likely to enjoy the experience.”— New York Post

“The problem (with generic condoms) is that the typical guy ends up with an inch of latex rolled up at the base of his penis. Besides being uncomfortable, this makes the condom more prone to unroll or catch inside his partner.” — Playboy Advisor

"Our tester went wild for TheyFit, 'it's like wearing nothing at all. These are, seriously, the best I've ever used.'" — Cargo Magazine

"TheyFit® condoms - perfect score of 100 and the highest rating of 'excellent'" — Consumer Reports


"Like trying on a bespoke Armani suit.. a marked increase in sensation and I could definitely feel more on my helmet."   "Thank God to finally see my willy basking in his roomy suit – [I was] definitely bigger than usual." — Cambridge Tab

"..brilliant - from someone who doesn't like wearing them but obviously has to, it’s as close to doing it naturally as you can get.. eliminates the issues of the condom either coming off or getting it on in the first place.. always nice to have that security.. I’d definitely recommend them and I would buy them again.” - The Yorker

"Given the vast differences in penis dimensions, the one-size-fits-all approach is unrealistic" — Dr Michael Reece, Indiana University

Cosmopolitan"TheyFit want to show guys that you can enjoy sex with a condom – you just need the right size. Remember the first time you tried on the perfect-fitting bra and your life fell into place and you just really felt like it got you and everything you're about? That, but condoms." - Cosmopolitan.co.uk


"Along with uncomfortable sex, the one-size-fits-all mentality can lead to condom breakages and guys deciding to forego wearing condoms altogether, which of course can result in all sorts of bad consequences. Well-hung men often turn to Trojan Magnums, but this condom is actually only slightly bigger." - Vice.com

Customer Feedback Statistics
We ask all of our customers how their TheyFit purchase worked out. As of February 2015:

92% of respondents rated TheyFit as better than other condoms
96% would recommend TheyFit to a friend
93% consider themselves more likely to use condoms, as a result of TheyFit


More Customer Feedback

"Sex with condoms just didn't feel comfortable - it felt like a chore and I just wasn't enjoying it.. which completely defeats the purpose. TheyFit on the other hand? I can easily say these are the best condoms I've ever used. The fit is perfect and the quality of the latex feels better than other brands. 5/5, 10/10, 100%.. however you guys want it to be I give a maximum review and I would recommend your product to anyone. You guys rock!" JS

"I really didn't expect it to make too much of a difference but it actually felt good to wear one!" AW

"Hooray - they fit perfectly..... no more cock strangling condoms!" DB

"TheyFit are a GOD SEND and I couldn't be more thankful to have custom condoms! Easily makes our sex life better by 10 fold. Thank you, thank you!" RB

"At 44 years old I've had a happy and varied sex life - but this is the first time I have ever had satisfying sex with a condom on. I had thought I hated condoms, when it turns out I just hate condoms that don't fit - I will definitely be ordering more soon. My wife also thanks you!" BM

"Without being smutty last night was the best shag I’ve ever had with a condom – I’m so glad I found you. I never even thought I had a big willy!" CE

“Sex wearing a condom was like trying to enjoy a meal through a gardening glove in your mouth; you just don't do it. An obvious revelation; fit matters & is AVAILABLE from you. Its altered my perception completely.” DM

"Being slightly smaller than average I needed something that didn't slip - standard condoms had too much excess at bottom. I found the exact size I needed and it's perfect, no movement at all and even makes me feel a bit bigger rolling the full lot down my shaft! Thanks!" GP

"Would I recommend to a friend? I've become evangelical for this concept. Years and years of struggling to get condoms onto a rapidly deflating penis which only complained more when it was gripped like a vice and asked to perform. Genuinely, TheyFit condoms are going to be life changing."

"This product is the best thing ever invented. I always had trouble in the past getting condoms that fitted perfectly and searched everywhere for different types. Theyfit condoms have a feeling like no other and almost feel like having nothing on. I myself know that typical condoms don't feel great and I have had unprotected sex due to this." AK

"I never make the effort to leave reviews on products, but WOW your product is amazing! These feel like you are wearing nothing at all - seriously, you guys are doing a great job." DH

"Brilliant idea and well executed. The condoms are great obviously!" JJ

“I have never found a condom that truly fitted until I found you. Thank you!” RE

"I should've done this years ago!" KM

"The first time I got some condoms from your site they was not quite right! But after an email to you and some minor changes I now have a good fitting condom thank you. And I will be using again many time’s hopefully LOL.”

“Very happy even though the measuring was somewhat funny and embarrassing at the same time :-)" MM

"Absolutely superb, I thought all condoms were tight and uncomfortable but these were perfect.” ST

“My partner was very impressed and said "that's a first!", meaning it was the first time condoms fitted and didn't leave a tight mark on him.” SL

"Simple ordering and quick delivery was great. Couldn't wait to try them! Loved the snug fit - like a second skin." FK

"My partner had lost faith in condoms years ago as they never stayed on properly. He was gob-smacked that you even existed. He was nervous when they arrived, we tried one out. To his surprise, it stayed on! The condom fitted snug and well. Very pleased and will be ordering more shortly. Yippee! From a very happy partner!" AF

"Over the years I've struggled with condoms so thought I'd give TheyFit a try. They fit perfectly and the sensation is so much better than with any other condoms I've tried." CM

"This product has genuinely improved my quality of life - you have a customer for life (as long as I am able to persuade other people to have sex with me!)” AD

“I suggested to him that maybe standard condoms were too small.  He didn't believe that he needed a larger size condom until we downloaded the fitting kit. He really loves the way the condoms fit” JL

"It's like an angel has cock-slapped me with enlightenment" CLK

"I was immediately struck by the difference (I was using Trojan Magnum XL). It was almost like wearing nothing!! Fantastic!!!"

“Life changing product” AD

"Oh wow! Difficult to put into words how good it feels. The condoms are superb - they feel so good.  Why would anyone NOT use them?" IC

"It's great to finally get a condom that fits comfortably" AK

"Never been able to use condoms before because of bad fit. Will be using TheyFit for a long time to come" RK

"I'd simply like to add that, as a condom user for nearly 20 years, these are the best I've ever used" DD

“Changed my sex life! I was always suffocating in other brands or they were wide enough but too long. Your condoms are just what I was hoping for” SN

“For the first time after sex I didn't have a bruised purple ring around the base of my penis” PC

"The perfect fit! I actually enjoy using a condom for the first time" MW

“Arrived promptly and fit perfectly. MUCH better than regular condoms. I would recommend them to anyone!” MN

"The first time I've used a condom and smiled afterwards. Had a much higher level of pleasure" MM

"My condoms used to slip off regularly, now my TheyFit condom stays on without being too tight" AD

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" TB

“These are the best condoms I've ever used.. so much so, I want to have more sex” JM

“Like an off the peg suit - I now realise how much better tailored feels” AR

"My boyfriend said 'they ROCK!'.. our friends are in awe that he needs custom made condoms!" CW

"You are changing the game - best condoms I have ever used" DF

"Wish you great success, your product is a life-changer" DK

"Joanne (TheyFit Fitting Expert) helped me get the right size. I want to thank you for doing this, you have changed the game and your customer service is the best I have ever experienced. This is how it should be and I wish you every success in the future." FJ

"I only need one word. PERFECT." HP

"Fit perfectly, much better than regular condoms" LB

"The best condoms full stop" BL

"Bought a gift pack for my husband. We both want to say a BIG thank you, this changes everything" FPM

"Thanks, you have made me very happy. I never realised condoms could be this good" TW

"Brilliant idea, well executed, great product, will buy again" DMW

"The customer service has been phenomenal and amazingly quick responses makes me give this whole process and company a perfect 10. I have already told others of this site and the product as I feel this is an unmissable experience" RP

"Your customer service is the best I have ever experienced. Your condoms are the best I have ever experienced. You have a winner here." RG 

“Arrived promptly and fit perfectly. MUCH better than regular condoms. I would recommend them to anyone!” MN


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