Hesitant about having condoms delivered to your door?

Don't be. Give us a chance and we think you'll agree - buying condoms online is a lot less stressful and embarrassing than buying them in the store. For those who haven't yet ordered condoms online, privacy is a common concern. However there's really no need to worry - we've delivered thousands of orders all around the world, each one securely and privately packaged.



All TheyFit® orders are dispatched in plain packaging with no TheyFit markings or logos. The return address does not mention TheyFit or condoms. For non-UK orders, customs labels and declarations do not mention the word condom or TheyFit.

All boxes and foils look identical—the only person who will know your size code is you!

Credit Card Statements

Global Protection Corp. UK Ltd distributes TheyFit condoms in the UK and Europe, and your credit or debit card statement for any transactions with us will read GLOBALPRO. We accept payment by PayPal and all major credit and debit cards. All product prices and delivery charges are shown in UK pounds sterling. Your credit card company will perform any necessary currency conversion.