Welcome to my revolution.

My name is Joe Nelson and I launched TheyFit based on a really simple concept. When something fits perfectly, it feels brilliant. Whether its a favourite pair of shoes, or a tailored suit - we've all experienced wearing something that fits so well it literally makes you smile.

Now you can do the same when you buy condoms. In fact, how you buy condoms will never be the same again!

If your condoms feel too small, get a larger condom. If your condoms feel too large, get a smaller condom. For the first time when you buy condoms TheyFit empower you to choose the perfect fitting condom.

If you want a longer condom or a shorter condom, a looser condom or a tighter condom - you now have the ability to do just that. If you want a small condom or a large condom again TheyFit custom fit condoms let you choose. 

And whether you want small condoms or large condoms, there will be a TheyFit size just for you. Some people told me that XL condoms or small condoms already existed. But I looked at a popular UK condom brand and found that the condom marketed as an XL condom was actually just 1mm wider than the standard condom.

Using a condom that doesn't fit perfectly will make for a really bad experience. Just like wearing a shoe that doesn't fit in fact. A condom slips off when it is too big while a condom that is too tight might be too small. Using free condoms might present the same problem - just like getting shoes for free might mean compromising on how they fit, the same might happen if you rely on free condoms. We have big plans to distribute free condoms but only if we can be sure they'll fit the guys who use them.

Our revolutionary range of custom fit condoms come in 95 different sizes. Take a look around the site - measure up with our FitKit and find which size will fit you the best. 

Viva la revolution!