Achieving the perfect fit for your condom is best explained by way of analogy.

When buying a new pair of shoes, people often find that despite measuring up as one particular size, it's actually a slightly different size that they prefer to wear. For example, you might measure up as a size 9, but find that size 8.5, or 9.5 actually fits and feels the best.

Well - it's very similar when it comes to condoms! The fitting process, including our FitKit, is a highly sophisticated process designed to produce the optimum match between condom and penis size. It works amazingly well - but personal preference can still override it.

When a condom fits perfectly.. you just know it. It doesn't feel tight, or uncomfortable, but nor do you worry that it will slip, or fall off during use. It's quick and easy to put on, and covers up everything it should without any excess. In fact, you'll forget you're wearing it, and get on with the good bit.

So to achieve the perfect fit, simply measure up and take it from there. Our fitting process gets the perfect fit for the vast majority of guys first time, while the rest find that all they need is a little adjustment. You can make this adjustment by yourself, or we are here to help, including our unique 50% rebate on new sizes (or additional samples sent out for free).

The real question is why "fit" has never been considered previously, when designing, marketing and selling condoms? After all, they are worn on the most sensitive part of a man's body - so obviously the fitting is going to be critical for comfort, and pleasure. Clearly, the first thing a guy needs to do before buying a condom, is work out what size he needs.

Well, manufacturing just 1 or 2 sizes of condom meant that they were quick, easy and cheap to make. It also made distributing and selling them around the world really easy too - imagine trying to fit our 95 sizes on a shelf at a store, for instance. Nobody thought to change the way it was done in nearly 100 years. But now, a growing body of scientific research suggests that poor fitting condoms could be linked to an increased chance of condom failure (breakage, or slippage) and may discourage men from using condoms in the first place, because of the discomfort or impact on pleasure/sensation.

Making our 95 unique sizes takes much longer, is much harder, and costs more to do. It also provides us a logistical headache in terms of distribution and selling. But we know you'll be glad we did it anyway. At last count:

We hope we'll soon be adding your name to our growing list of extremely satisfied customers.

If you'd like to learn more about making your condom experience even more awesome, why not check out our Tips & Tricks page here?

- Team TheyFit