Size S66 TheyFit® Custom Fit Condoms (6 Counts)
Size S66 TheyFit® Custom Fit Condoms (6 Counts)
Size S66 TheyFit® Custom Fit Condoms (6 Counts)
Size S66 TheyFit® Custom Fit Condoms (6 Counts)
Size S66 TheyFit® Custom Fit Condoms (6 Counts)

Size S66 TheyFit® Custom Fit Condoms (6 Counts)


How will my condoms be delivered?
Your order will be delivered safely and securely and in a plain package
with no indication that condoms are inside or that the sender is TheyFit®.
Not even your postman will know you've ordered condoms.

How will my purchase appear on my credit card statement?
Snug Corp Ltd distributes TheyFit condoms in the UK and Europe,
and your credit or debit card statement for any transactions with us
will read SNGCORP  - see an example bank statement below. We accept
payment by Paypal and all major credit and debit cards. All product
prices and delivery charges are shown in UK pounds sterling. Your
credit card company will perform any necessary currency conversion.

Am I responsible for duties and taxes?
Customers are liable for any charges, levies, taxes or import duties
imposed by local Customs Officials (if any) and we reserve the right
to attach a 'customs label' when not doing so may prevent delivery.
Most if not all EU customers will be exempt from any such charges,
and a customs label is not necessary for orders sent to any
EU county or state.

Will you ship to my country?

TheyFit condoms are shipped within the UK, throughout the European Union, and to Canada.
Starting this Fall, TheyFit will also be available in North America and Southeast Asia.

To sign up to be notified when TheyFit is available in the United States, click here.

To view the current list of countries where we can ship, click here.

Revolutionary TheyFit® custom fit condoms come in 66 different sizes, because a better fit means better sex. Save money by taking advantage of our FREE UK delivery on all orders.

MyONE® Now Shipping
TheyFit Condoms have been acquired by ONE® and this product will be delivered under the new myONE® packaging. For more information about this change, click here.
Customer Feedback for "S" length condoms:

"I never considered myself small but actually I think it might be standard condoms that are too long. Read somewhere that they are all 7" long - that's obviously too much! Thanks for fixing it for me and I assume others too."


Customer Feedback for "66" width condoms:

"I was sceptical that you could fix my issue, which is condoms slipping off during the actual sex. Suffice to say you fixed it perfectly and I will be ordering more tomorrow!"

"This is the best thing ever."

"My problem was "embarassing" in that even supposedly small condoms were too loose for me. My TheyFit condom fitted wonderfully - thanks very much."

Are you a store looking to sell TheyFit to your customers? We're currently looking for additional distributors and web stores to distribute TheyFit throughout the world. Contact Us for details.